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WV Workshop (Air Temple) [clear filter]
Friday, August 3


Conversation with Dog - Akacia Rose
As a dog lover, trainer, and steward, Akacia draws on her experience to teach the art of balanced interspecies relationships to dogs and dog guardians alike.

Friday August 3, 2018 4:00pm - 5:15pm
8 - Wisdom Village


Beyond Psychedelics - The Path of Sacred Sobriety - Avani Dilger
Avani G. Dilger, MEd, MA, LPC, CACIII, BC-DMT, MINT MEd
Counselor, Mentor, Trainer
​​Avani G. Dilger is a certified Addiction Counselor, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and a Somatic Psychotherapist who has specialized in substance abuse treatment with adults, teens-at-risk, and their families. She has done extensive research, training, and clinical work with traditional and alternative approaches to substance abuse treatment. She is the founder and director of the “Natural Highs – Healthy Alternatives to Drugs & Alcohol” program that is currently offered in several high schools in Boulder and at Naropa University. She works as a substance abuse counselor for teens, families, and adults in Boulder. She is passionate about effective ways of supporting people with issues of resistance and ambivalence and is a member of the International Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT). She has been training professionals in Motivational Interviewing and other evidence-based practices in Maine, Massachusetts, Illinois, Nebraska, Idaho, Arizona, New Jersey, Florida, Hawaii and Colorado.

Friday August 3, 2018 5:30pm - 6:50pm
8 - Wisdom Village


Tantra Speed Date - Ann DeSutter
6:30 - 6:55pm  Tantra Speed Date Check-In [Women’s Red Tent]
7:00 - 9:00pm  Tantra Speed Date [Air Temple] - must check in prior, no late-comers

Please pre-register here (it's free!): https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tantra-speed-date-arise-music-festival-tickets-48308959398?aff=efbevent

TANTRA SPEED DATE "More than Dating!" Now in 14+ cities–including Black Rock City–this Tantra Yoga-inspired workshop has been dubbed “Yoga for your Love Life!” Equal parts relationship skills class + speed date, you’ll model healthy relationship roles, while sharing a moment of guided connection with up to 24 dates in a traditional Puja circle. Exercises are fun, PG-rated (think light partner yoga, actor’s improv, eye-gazing, dance), and are infused with positive relating skills. You’ll walk away not only with matches, but with a refreshing perspective on what relationships can be!

First, we help singles step into healthy relationship roles. Then through fun connection exercises, you have an opportunity to practice getting to know someone in a more meaningful way, as well as to experience an opening for healing between the masculine and feminine.

Our facilitators are trained to create a safe and fun atmosphere which supports daters in stepping into their best, most authentic selves. And what better way to meet a mate?

Ann DeSutter is a Certified Tantric Educator who has worked with individuals and groups for over 20 years. In her private practice, she teaches men, women, and couples to increase their capacity for physical and emotional intimacy and pleasure. Her hands on work assists clients to open deeply to their true nature, bringing healing, awareness, peace, and aliveness to self, life, and others. Ann’s contagious passion for connection and life are an invitation to all to have an attitude of open, inquisitive, joyous exploration of relationship with self and others. Learn more about her Dakini work at www.lotuslovetantra.com.

Friday August 3, 2018 6:30pm - 9:00pm
8 - Wisdom Village
Saturday, August 4


Bhakti and the Beloved - Katie Wise & John Hoelle
This workshop has a feeling of reverent play. With exercises from John's work in couples mediation, as well as Katie's background in yoga and improv comedy, and of course what we draw from being a married couple in a band together. We will laugh, sing, connect, and clear out old patterns of relating in order to explore new ways of being in relationships. One that is sacred, enlivening, nourishing, and playful.

ALL ARE WELCOME- those that are happily coupled who want to explore an even more decotional union, couples who are struggling, those who are single, those for whom 'it's complicated," and of course same sex and alternative relationships.
• Learn sacred yogic practices and chant mantras for opening your heart
• Explore what stands in the way of devotion in your relationships
• Explore how to invite divine energy (and which aspects of it) into your relationships
• Explore how to infuse your sacred union with creativity and play
• Surrender your old relationship story and embody a new story

Saturday August 4, 2018 10:30am - 11:30am
8 - Wisdom Village


Ayurveda 101- Akacia Rose
Akacia Rose is an Ayurvedic Doctor, dog trainer, musician, and luthier based in Boulder, CO. She is a recent graduate of a 4-year program of Ayurvedic medicine, a Certified Rolfer, and serves on the board of the Colorado Ayurvedic Medical Association. As a healer, Akacia playfully weaves the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda with practical, modern-day application. She teaches empowering and intelligent engagement with the internal and external world as a means to support the healing potential of the body and mind. And as a creatress at heart, Akacia explores her affinity for the healing power of music by building and playing a type of West African harp known as n’goni.

Saturday August 4, 2018 11:15am - 12:30pm
8 - Wisdom Village


Transformation Through Trust - Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Cameron Bailey
Paradigm-shifters Andrew Cameron Bailey and Connie Baxter Marlow are visionary filmmakers, futurists and social philosophers who envision a positive future for humanity. Coming from divergent life experiences, they have reached similar conclusions: the prevailing paradigm is missing important information about the nature of reality. They challenge a number of basic assumptions which have driven humanity’s behavior for millennia.
Connie and Andrew speak from a reality in which the following assumptions are absolute: we live in an infinitely conscious, loving, inter-connected, and abundant Universe where free will and the power of our consciousness create the life we experience.

Saturday August 4, 2018 12:00pm - 1:00pm
8 - Wisdom Village


ARISE and Awaken the New Species Within You - Barbara Marx Hubbard
Activate your deepest heart’s desire to discover the blueprint of your evolutionary potential. Come together by sharing what is NEW in you. Cross over the threshold of your evolution and discover that you are already a Co Creator of a new global species called Homo Amore Universalis.

Saturday August 4, 2018 2:00pm - 3:00pm
8 - Wisdom Village


Heart Connected Relationships - David Karchere & Ahva Lenay
Everything that comes into being does so through relationship. Relationship to self, to our close
intimate others, and our relationship to the greater world all rely on the healthy exchange of
emotional energy. The need for emotional energy is paramount in experiencing joy, resilience,
passion, compassion, creativity, and abundance. It is also the fuel that helps us navigate
through sorrow, frustration and the fears that can arise in these fast moving and demanding
Co-creation requires heart connection and when the heart connection is weak relationships can
become difficult and often seem like too much to manage or sustain.
This workshop is an invitation to discover and explore key principles of emotional intelligence
that are the foundation for heart connected relationships. Mutual respect, and understanding
are among the keystones for thriving heart connections. Participants will have the opportunity
to experience empowering shifts in how they relate to others through interactive play and

Saturday August 4, 2018 3:45pm - 5:15pm
8 - Wisdom Village


Sonic Journey - David Michael Starbear
Join Starbear as he invites participants on a journey through infinite spaces between the worlds of earth and sky, past and future, known and unknown. Through a lifetime of deep sonic study and global travel he offers a path of personal transformation and dimensional facilitation thru multi-instrumental mastery merged with the universal
arts of geometry, astrology, and numbers with sound frequency. David has shared his sound and vibrational creations around the globe and in many personal transformation workshops and large festival settings, Including Arise, Dreamtime, Lightning in a Bottle, Wanderlust, YarmonyGrass, Mountain Fair, Tribal Vision, True Nature Sacred Fest, Burning Man, and McNichols Sunday Sanctuary.

Saturday August 4, 2018 5:30pm - 7:00pm
8 - Wisdom Village


Wordshop and Performance - Alais Clay
Soul Prophet of our times born in Barranquilla, Colombia, Alais brings a powerful, unique voice and potent message to the modern world using hip-hop as a medium to tackle social, political and spiritual issues. Currently based out of Colorado, Alais joins the ranks of an emerging legacy of "truth-hop" activists to spread awareness, information, and positivity through music and verse in english and spanish. Gather in the cozy Community Air Temple for an interactive, integrated and interstellar performance AND community wordshop/playshop with Alais and most likely few beloved surprise guests. Alais has been rocking the collective soul of her audiences and it's time to harvest the inspiration and synergize in Unity as we craft words, and intentions into purpose and action. ~ May this offering ripple across the globe and into the universe as a strong call from Earth, to help raise the vibration of minds, hearts, and worlds ~ AC

Saturday August 4, 2018 8:00pm - 9:30pm
8 - Wisdom Village
Sunday, August 5


Singing Up the Sun - Chloe Brook and Shaela Noella
It's tradition at ARISE to gather at the Sacred Fire Place and and greet Grandfather Sun as he He rises in the zenith to greet the day. CHLOE BROOK will bless us all with her offerings and sutras of radiance... Chloe, wilde at heart has been inspiring audiences with her full spectrum offerings of vocal and instrumental harmonics.. Joined by the beloved SHAELA NOELLA ROSELENA who carries the magic of laughter, song, nature flower essences, and the gift of communicating with the spirit world.

Sunday August 5, 2018 6:00am - 7:30am
8 - Wisdom Village


God-Goddess / Holding the Tension of Opposites - R.R. Shakti
Holding the Tension of the Opposites.

If there has ever been a time for the reconciliation of opposites, it is NOW.

Human survival relies on seeing and receiving the "other." Reclamation of God/dess invites you to remember your unique and creative soul-making potential as an ever-evolving sacred dance of dualities:
ego and shadow, masculine and feminine, dark and light, heaven and earth.

​God/dess invites you to experience the sacred union within.

R.R. Shakti PhD / Mythology and Depth Psychology. She presents a Tantrik approach to personal empowerment and social action.

Through contemplative story-telling and mind/body practices, she offers a vision of deep peace and radical freedom.

Sunday August 5, 2018 10:00am - 11:15am
8 - Wisdom Village


Ancestral Healing Circle - Paul Stover Soderman & Grandfather Phillip Little Thunder
Come and participate in healing the lineage as we gather together with these amazing human beings.
Testimony from a Prayer Walker: Biko Cassini of Rising Appalachia
The Journey of the last week has touched my heart and spirit to its core.
To heal the past is a journey, one that one walks for a lifetime, with prayer and sacrifice.
Paul Stover Soderman and Philip Little Thunder made a 4 year commitment to walk the paths their ancestors walked as enemies 150 years ago, this time as brothers, in peace and in prayer. They walked over 700 miles together, praying at places where terrible events happened, reprogramming their own pain into Love and sending out a “cosmic ripple”.
We were invited to walk with them in the final days of their commitment, walking the last 50 miles with them to Laramie, where the Fort Laramie treaty was signed 150 years ago last Sunday. The treaty was to Guarantee the Lakota and other tribes a homeland, including the Black Hills, but was broken almost immediately and continues to be broken to this day.
I cannot begin to describe the events of these last days walking and praying together, or the events that took place when we joined with those tribes gathered to honor the treaty and see it upheld. I can only share a few impressions:
If it is forgotten, it can be remembered.
If it is remembered, it can be healed.
True healing takes commitment, sacrifice, and time.
When we walk the earth respectfully, we remember what it feels like to be human.
Horses are healers
Water is Life
Humility is a great strength that one can carry and with it Love can triumph.
An open heart can open hearts.
The more time we spend outside on the land, away from our devises, without using money, the richer our lives become.
Prayer , Respect, and Gratitude are doorways to spirit.
Miracles happen all the time when we align with prayerful purpose.
I send my most heart felt thanks to Zey, Leah, Chloe, Paul, Feather, Shaunti, Philip and all the walkers for your friendship and for the prayerful ways you live.
I send deep Love and respect to the Lakota, Arapaho, Cheyenne, Crow and all native people for keeping their ways alive despite the cruelest hardship, so that we may witness what is beautiful in their ways, and turn a new page in history together that honors and respects all people and all paths to creator.
We are all related,
To all my relations!

Sunday August 5, 2018 12:00pm - 1:30pm
8 - Wisdom Village


Cacao HeartGate CEREMONY - Brigitte Mars, Bethy Lovelight, Ahva Lenay
For millennia Cacao has been used for health and in ceremony. It is known to open the heart gates and prime the way for deeper communion with ourselves, the spirit realm and plant kingdom. Join us in first learning a bit of the history, physiological effects, and therapeutic benefits of this amazing plant medicine as we deepen into song, prayer, and silence in a beautiful ritual journey.

Sunday August 5, 2018 2:00pm - 3:30pm
8 - Wisdom Village


Sacred Songs for the Resistance - Makaysha Rain
Makaysha Rain is a kirtan and world music artist bringing people together in sacred singing and prayer for our earth. Her favorite instruments to play include percussion, harmonium and guitar. She is an avid fracktivist and loves to sing and do street theater to raise awareness and community around fracking in Colorado. She also holds regular Art Builds to make art for the anti-fracking, people's Earth movement. You can find her on Facebook with ProtectorWomenSing and SacredFireStreetTheater. Join Makaysha Rain and special guests Love Light and Katie Wise for sacred singing, chanting, prayer, musical improv and 'pass the song' mic check. Sing songs from around the world with themes of sacred earth, solidarity, courage and freedom. Sing songs in English, African, Spanish, Sanskrit and more. Songs to sing with your family and to sing at marches and rallies. Kids welcome. Let's come together to raise 1000 voices for Mother Earth!

Sunday August 5, 2018 3:45pm - 5:15pm
8 - Wisdom Village